12×2000mm Thick Sheet Cut to Length Line

Description This thick sheet cut to length line is used for leveling and cutting max.12mm×thickness 2000mm width steel coils into required length steel plates. The production line has the feature of high precision, topping stabilization and excellent performance. The cut to length machine adopts PLC system to control the whole line’s work, the operation is convenient and easy. Its suitable material covers stainless steel, cold rolled steel coil, etc.
Working Process
The sheet coil is placed onto loading trolley by hoist, then loaded & elevated to appropriate position, and pushed into the decoiler by movement of trolley automatically. The steel sheet is fed into 4-hi precision leveler through guiding device. By adjusting the correct device to centering of the sheet, it goes through into precision leveling & length measuring machine, and then the cutting machine. The sheet is cut into required length controlled by PLC. The finished sheets are transported to stacker, and placed orderly.
1. Compared with similar products, our thick sheet cut to length line enjoys high speed and excellent precision.
2. With high quality and excellent efficiency, its speed can reach 70m/min and our strip precision can be up to 0.02mm.
3. We have professional installation and commissioning team, and they can solve all problems in operating process.
4. Our line has been up to the leading domestic level and the company have quite rich experience in producing the cut to length line.
5. The cut to length machine has reached relevant standards of ISO9001:14000, CE and SGS.
Operation and Attention
1. Operator number should be 2 to 5 workers, and other people should keep away from this equipment
2. Around the machine, there should be yellow caution color to indicate off-limits place
3. Please do well lubrication for gears and chains.
4. Coil should be put right to keep the weight balanced. The coil car can reset only after fix and expand the coil into decoiler tightly.
5. First press the coil head by traction roll, then open the package of the coil, to prevent the coil head bounced off.
6. Operators shall not stand on the coil when machine running.
7. Do not move coil directly by hand.
8. Stop and check the machine units immediately when find fault. Only check out and correct, the machine can restart.
9. Do not remove or change circuit. In case of any problem, please consult professional technicians.
Packaging and Transportation
This thick sheet cut to length line should adopt sea shipping by container. If there is no special requirement, this machine usually utilizes nude packaging, with cable wire and wooden block fastening it. All gadgets should be placed in accessory steel box.
Maintenance and Lubrication
1. Check cut to length machine units whether loosen or damaged and check electrical parts, hydraulic parts, and pneumatic parts whether abnormal after work finished. If so, should adjust or repair immediately.
2. Check the oil pipes are smooth, regular filling oil. (lubricating list)
3. Cut off main power, clean up machine units after work finished.
4. Regularly inspect machine to ensure proper operation.
Parameters of Thick Sheet Cut to Length Line
Raw material CR, HR, galvanized steel
Thickness 3 to 12mm
Width 2000 mm or as per need
Work speed 0-20M/min(adjustable)
Gauge length 12 meter
Length accuracy ±3mm(L=6000mm)
Diagonal accuracy ±3mm(L=60000mm)
Leveling accuracy ≤2mm/m2
Total power approx. 160kW
Weight about 70 tons
Installation dimension 30M × 10M × 3M (L × W × H)
Electricity power supply 380V, 50Hz, three phase, or as per your standard
Paint of the machine main body in green, safety area in yellow (or according to Buyer’s demands)


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