C/Z Purlin Interchangeable Forming Machine

Description This forming machine can be used for processing 1.5~3.0mm C/Z purline. It is composed of decoiler, leveler, punching cut off machine, molding machine, hydraulic pressure station, material-collecting platform, controller, etc. During the process, the interchange of C and Z purline is convenient. The installation of this C/Z purlin interchangeable forming machine is simple. Adopting PLC control system, this vehicle has the advantages of fast operation, low cost, high precision molding products, and the accuracy of cut off length.

1. This C/Z purlin interchangeable forming machine adopts reasonable steel structure. It has the traits of large loading ability, stability and reliability;
2. The forming roller is designed by professional technical personnel. After heat treatment, the roller with high forming accuracy and long service life is coated by chrome plated.
3. The other parts of C/Z purlin interchangeable forming machine are all from the well-known brands. It can ensure the performance and quality of machine;
4. The operator can work without special training;
5. It can work with low noise and high efficiency

1. Due to automatic PLC control, the operation is very simple. C/Z purlin interchangeable forming machine can work automatically only though the import of the related production data, such as product number, length and punching size, etc.
2. If you need to adjust the machine, please be sure to stop the machine and then go on the relevant operation.

Maintenance and Packaging
1. This forming machine should be operated according to the work instructions.
2. Add the lubricating oil regularly on sprocket chain, bearing, and reducer.
3. Keep the forming roller of C/Z purlin interchangeable forming machine clean.
4. This machine is suitable for container transportation by sea.
5. It is fixed with wire rope and block.

1) Applicable materials: cold-rolled, hot rolled steel coils, galvanized roll, general carbon steel, etc;
2) Applicable thickness: 1.5~3 mm, or as your requirements;
3) Forming specification: according to the demand of customer;
4) Molding speed: 8~12 m/min;
5) Main motor power: about 15 kw;
6) Hydraulic cut off without waste;
7) Hydraulic pressure station power: 7.5 kw;
8) Control system: Mitsubishi/Panasonic PLC, Yaskawa/Panasonic Inverter, Omron Encoder, etc;
9) Optional accessories: hydraulic uncoiler.


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