Hydraulic Decoiler

Description This hydraulic decoiler adopts deceleration motor to drive steel coil rotate, and steel belts are sent out. The hydraulic driving device tension or loosen steel coil inner bore. With easy structure, the machine is easy to maintain. The main components of this hydraulic decoiler are deceleration motor, hydraulic pump station motor and feeding rack mandrel.

This machine is easy to operate, and enjoys stable performance and long service life.

Operation and Points That Need Attention
Please do not overload material. And when the decoiler is running, workers are forbidden to stand near it.

Maintenance and Lubrication
Please do lubrication for rotation bearings and motor per shift.

Transportation and Packaging
This hydraulic decoiler should adopt bare seaworthy packing.

We manufacture hydraulic decoilers at customers' specific requirements about steel coil specifications of width and maximum coil weight. And in the following, we will give you parameters of a hydraulic decoiler, with 10 tons and 1250mm width, as an example.
1.Deceleration motor: YCJ160-S, 23 (7.5kw-4 c380v-50H)
2.Motor for hydraulic station: 4kw (380v 50H)
3.Hydraulic pressure: 16Mpa
4.Coil I.D.: Min: 470mm; Max: 560mm
5.Coil O.D.: Max: 1300mm
6.Coil width: Max: 1250mm
7.Coil weight: Max: 10 tons
8.Dimension: 2850ⅹ1500ⅹ1700 (LⅹWⅹH)
9.Total weight: approx 4 tons
10.Frequency converter: 7.5kw (380v 50H) speed regulation
11.Inclined strut/bracing structure. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic decoiler, based in China, Wuxi Haoshuo Technology Co., Ltd mainly offers cold rolling mill, roll forming machine (such as c purlin forming machine, wall panel forming machine, etc) sandwich panel forming machine (EPS panel forming machine, PU panel forming machine) slitting linecut to length line, radiator production line, curving machine, and auto-stacker, etc. Located in Jiangsu Province, an hour drive from Shanghai City in China, we enjoy quite convenient transportation and can provide excellent service. We offer installation and debugging services of our devices and staff training for factories abroad and OEM service. For more guides of hydraulic decoiler, please contact us.


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