PU Panel Forming Machine

Description Our company offers professional PU sandwich panel production line. Our PU sandwich panel is characterized by uninflammability, moistureproof capacity, insect-resistance, sound insulation, and light weight. Besides, it is never out of shape whether in dry or wet conditions. It has good heat preservation capacity. This machine can be nailed as well as sawn, which makes construction easy and convenient. This PU sandwich panel can be repeatedly used.
This equipment is widely used for steel structure workshop, roofs of simple and easy movable houses, wall body, suspended ceilings of air purification room, and separation. The rigid polyurethane foam has been recognized as the best building thermal insulation material by international world today. It has low heat conductivity, and high bending resistance capacity. This rigid polyurethane foam doesn't absorb water or decay, and it cannot be damaged by insects and mice. It has good fire resistance, and large scope of heat resistance. With the physical properties of polyurethane PU and our unique prescription, we combine high temperature polyurethane with coating steel panel, thus compact forming is achieved.
Then rigid colored steel and soft chemical raw materials are combined to cooperate with polyurethane PU foaming forming machine.
The PU panel forming machine mainly includes decoiler, feeding machine, film-covering installation machine, roll forming machine, PU foaming machine & injecting machine PU, laminator, automatic tracking cutter, and PLC control cabinet, etc.

The PU panel forming machine adopts frequency conversion to adjust speed. This machine has features of stable performance, high quality and low price, thus in the leading place in China.

Operation and Points That Need Attention
The production sites should indicate off-limits place and operation place. When production is processing, people shouldn't go near the production site. Please don't touch products before polyurethane PU cools down so as not to be scalded.

Maintenance and Lubrication
Users should regularly check lubrication motor, bearings, and conveyor devices.

Packaging and Transportation
This machine has to be covered by thin film, and it adopts sea shipping by container. And if no special requirement, this machine usually utilizes nude packaging, with cable wire and wooden block fastening it. All gadgets should be placed in accessory box.

We usually offer custom panel profiles of wiring board. The normal PU thickness ranges from 10 to 150mm, and its width ranges from 500 to 1300mm.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of PU panel forming machine, based in China, Wuxi Haoshuo Technology Co., Ltd mainly offers cold rolling mill, roll forming machine (such as foaming aluminum shutter forming machine, iron rolling shutter forming machine, etc), sandwich panel forming machine, slitting line, cut to length line, radiator production line, curving machine, and auto-stacker, etc. Located in Jiangsu Province, an hour drive from Shanghai City in China, we enjoy quite convenient transportation and can provide excellent service. We offer installation and debugging services of our devices and staff training for factories abroad and OEM service. For more guides of PU panel forming machine, please contact us.


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