Bending Machine

Description This bending machine includes stand, operating platform, and clamping plate. Located on the stand, the operating platform is composed of base and pressing plate. The base is connected to clamping plate by belt. And the base is made up of base shell, coil and cover plate. And the coil is in the hollow place of base shell, on the top of which there is cover plate. When the machine is operating, the coil is electrified by wire. Then the electricity gives certain gravitational force to pressing plate, thus the clamping between pressing plate and base is achieved. Due to use of electromagnetic force clamping, the pressing plate can satisfy many different workpiece requirements. Besides, it can be used to process workpieces with side walls, and its operation is very easy.

1.The bending machine employs the complete steel welding structure, thus possessing enough strength and rigidness.
2.Oil tanks at two ends of machine tool are placed on sliders, and can directly drive the sliding work.
3.The twisted axis forced synchronization technology has been used in slider synchronization structure.
4.Mechanical block structure makes the performance stable and reliable.
5.The slider route can be quickly adjusted by the engine, and it can be given manually fine adjustment. Counter can show all that adjustment.
6.Compensation structure of bevel wedge deflection is adopted to ensure obtaining higher bending precision.

Operation and Points That Need Attention
1.Adjusting route: users should pay much attention to the adjustment of route when using the bending machine. Trial run must be done before bending. A gap of one panel thickness must be given when the upper mould on the bending machine is sent to the bottom of this machine. Otherwise, both the mould and the machine will be damaged. The route adjustment also has motor-driven quick adjustment and manual fine adjustment.
2.Choosing bending slot mouth: slot mouth with width of 8 times panel thickness is normally used. However, if a panel is bended 4mm, then slot mouth of about 32mm is proper.
3.Adjusting back blocking material: there are normally two ways: motor-driven quick adjustment and manual fine adjustment. The operation is the same with panel shearing machine.
4.The bending machine will start to bend after pedal switch is stepped. Different with panel shearing machine, this bending machine can be loosened at any time. If loosened, the bending machine will stop immediately, and if stepped on the pedal switch, it will continue to operate.


Hydraulic circuit
1. Please check oil level of oil tank per week and after maintenance of hydraulic system. If the oil level is lower than oil window, please add hydraulic oil.
2. The bending machine should adopt ISO HM46 or MOBIL DTE25 hydraulic oil.
3. After new machines have worked for 2000 hours, their oil should be changed. And after that, they can work for 4000-6000 hours before their oil is changed. Please clean the oil tank before changing oil.
4. The temperature of this system should be controlled within 35--60℃, and can be higher than 70℃. If the temperature is too high, oil will deteriorate and accessories of this machine can be damaged.

1.The filter should be replaced or completely cleaned when users change oil.
2. If the machine warns or the oil is not clean, then the filter must have something wrong. So users should replace the filter.
3. The air filter in the oil tank should be checked and cleaned per 3 months. And the air filter is better replaced once a year.

Hydraulic components
1.Users should clean hydraulic components per month to prevent dirty things from entering into the system. The hydraulic components are base plate, valve, motor, pump, and oil pipe, etc. Detergent shouldn't be used when cleaning hydraulic components.
2.After a new machine has been in use for a month, users should check the bend of oil pipe to ensure that it isn't out shape. If the bend of oil pipe is out of shape, please replace it as soon as possible. Please fasten all the joints of accessories after 2-months use of the machine. When fastening those joints, please turn off the machine so that there is no pressure in the system.

Packaging and Transportation
This bending machine should adopt bare seaworthy packing.

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